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Research Data Management


 "The purpose of research data management is to maximise the academic value of research data by ensuring that such data is managed according to good practices for collection, curation, storage, management, retrieval, re-use, sharing, archiving, and access, appropriate for the data and discipline concerned, and thereby to ensure compliance with the requirements of funding agencies and other stakeholders."

See Research Data Management Policy at NUI Galway

Benefits of good research data management practice

  • Increases the impact and visibility of research e.g. data citation
  • Promotes innovation and potential new data uses
  • Leads to new collaborations between data users and creators
  • Maximizes transparency and accountability
  • Enables scrutiny of research findings
  • Encourages improvement and validation of research methods
  • Reduces cost of duplicating data collection
  • Provides important resources for education and training

Read more from the UK Data Archive

Why do you need to manage your research data?

  • Maximizes the effective use and value of data and information assets
  • Increases research efficiency and saves money
  • Provides for data security
  • Streamlines the selection and release of data with appropriate licensing
  • Facilitates data sharing, data is more accessible/more discoverable
  • Facilitates continuity of research as staff/researchers change
  • Avoids duplication in research
  • Accommodates validation of research published
  • Funder requirements

Reference: CONUL Research Support Task and Finish Group (2014) Briefing Document & Recommendations

The Library provides:

  • Introductory training on Research Data Management and related supports at NUI Galway
  • One-to-one consultations 
  • Assistance with Data Management Plans (DMPs) 

For further information, advice and support please contact:

  • Peter Corrigan, Head of Digital Publishing and Innovation, Phone: 091-492497, Email:
  • Trish Finnan, Digital Publishing and Data Management Librarian, Phone; 091-495961, Email:

Open Scholarship Community at NUI Galway

For further information and training related to open scholarship, open publishing, open tools please contact:

See also

The following video tutorials provide an introduction to Research Data Management and related supports at NUI Galway and complement content in this library guide.

Information Solutions and Services (ISS) provides a Security Awareness Training course on Blackboard for all staff and students of the university. ​For related information go to IT security training on the ISS website.

Coursera Research Data Management and Sharing delivered over repeating five weeks.

Essentials 4 Data Support an introductory course from Research Data Netherlands.

Data Management Expert Guide provided by CESSDA ERIC (the Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives European Infrastructure Consortium) guides early career social scientists from initial planning phase to the publication of the research data. Illustrations, examples, expert tips are provided as well insights into data management practices in different European countries. It addresses questions such as: How do I handle personal data? What is the best way of documenting my data? How do I store my data safely? Can I share my data with others?

MANTRA Research Data Management Training is free a online course from EDINA at the University of Edinburgh

RDMRose is an open educational resource that  provides Research Data Management learning materials

Research Data Bootcamp from the University of Bristol 

Data Tree is a free online course on research data management. It is a self-paced course that takes 15-20 hours to complete in eight structured modules.The course is especially aimed at PhD students and early career researchers but is for anyone who wants to develop the right data habits now, including thinking of end-users of your data.

The Delivering Research Data Management Services MOOC offered by the Digital Curation Centre starts on the 05 October 2020. Participants will learn about common research support services, how to create data management plans, and how to develop your own research data management roadmap. The course lasts five weeks and it is now CPD certified. Further information and how to register is available on the Future Learn site. A blog on the DCC site also has more information for those interested.

Zenodo RDM collection bring together RDM training materials

CODATA-RDA School of Research Data Science offer a programme of short courses equipping young researchers globally with core data skills.

Data Carpentry develops and teaches workshops on the fundamental data skills needed to conduct research.

FOSTER Open science trainer’s corner

The Research Data Working Group was convened in December 2016. It is chaired by John Cox, University Librarian.


Peter Corrigan (Head of Digital Publishing and Innovation, Library)

John Cox (University Librarian, chair)

Professor Mathieu d'Aquin (Acting Director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics)

Peter Feeney (Data Protection Officer)

Trish Finnan (Digital Publishing and Data Management Librarian, Library)

Dr. Aidan Kane (School of Business and Economics)

David Kelly (Digital Humanities Manager, Moore Institute)

Dr. Iain MacLaren (Director of Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching)

Sean O’Farrell (Director of Information Solutions and Services)

Aengus Parsons (Director of Research)

Dr. Srinivas Raghavendra (School of Business and Economics)

Dr. Elaine Toomey (School of Psychology)


  • Build a community through regular communications
  • Engage University Management Team with research data as a reputational asset
  • Understand and develop supports to meet funder requirements
  • Ensure compliance with data protection policies and regulations
  • Develop policy, advisory services, resources and infrastructure

The Research Data Management Policy at NUI Galway was developed by the working group in 2018.

Events to date

The Challenges of Research Data: an Open Forum, 25 October 2016

Open Research Data antd Critical Data Studies: the Building City Dashboards Project, presentation from Professor Rob Kitchin, author of The Data Revolution, 08 February 2018

Learning Analytics: understand learning and support the learner, 02 May 2018, presentation by Professor Mathieu D'Aquin, Actring Director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics

Open Forum on Supports for Research Data at NUI Galway, 26 October 2018

Open Science, Ireland and the Digital Repository of Ireland: where are we at and where are we going?, presentation by Dr. Natalie Harrower, Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland, 06 December 2018


"How open science creates better research"  article by John Cox, University Librarian at NUI Galway and Dr. Elaine Toomey, School of Psychology, NUI Galway which explains why "Science can only progress by building on the research of others and open science aims to make this work accessible to all". Read more on RTÉ Brainstorm at


  • Peter Corrigan, Head of Digital Publishing and Innovation, Phone: 091-492497, Email:
  • Trish Finnan, Digital Publishing and Data Management Librarian, Phone: 091-495961, Email:
  • Hardy Schwamm, Open Scholarship Librarian, Phone: 091-493895, Email:

Information Solutions and Services

Contact details for Information Solutions and Services at NUI Galway are available on their website.

Data Protection

The NUI Galway Data Protection Website explains how the University manages information in line with the Data Protection Acts and GDPR. For information about related training contact:

  • Peter Feeney, Data Protection Officer, Phone: 091 493673, Email:

Data protection queries

  • Email:

Research Office

  • Contact details for Research Support Officers are available on the website of the Research Office 

Technology Transfer Office