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Open Educational Resources (OER)

OER Production Workflow


  • Review existing OER in your subject area
  • OER and copyright training - review our online guidance and get in touch if you have questions!
  • Are you confident to start work on your OER?


  • Define OER project goals
  • Curate existing OER
  • Divide tasks
  • Call for volunteers
  • Create working documents


  • Outline OER chapters
  • Scope media work


  • Write/revise/remix content.
    • Talk to us if you need help
  • Get peer review/feedback.
  • Check IP (Intellectual Property)
    • For openly licensed material included, are all licenses compatible with the license put on the new work?
    • Have permissions been sought for any fully copyrighted content included? Any such permissions should be stored such that they can be made available if needed 
  • Creative Disclosure Form to TTO (Innovation Office), according to NUI Galway’s IP Policy.


  • Complete all major revisions
  • Import content to publishing platform
  • Format and style
  • Final quality assurance check


  • Archive OER (when ready for launch, deposit that first version in ARAN)
  • Create DOI
  • Create ISBN (optional)
  • Create export versions
  • Publish and distribute to students (users)
  • Print (optional)