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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Media for Social Change: a syllabus

This project will involve creation of course materials for a final year module, MES4100, Media for Social Change. The module will include study of community and alternative media, participatory communication, and social movement media. The unifying focus is on the use of media platforms to enact social and political change, as opposed to the commercial/profit-oriented orientation of dominant mass media structures. This makes the module particularly well-suited for use of OERs, given the role of OERs in providing non-market-based access to knowledge and information.

It is intended that some of the materials will be suitable for stand-alone use (e.g. in community radio induction/training sessions), or for inclusion/adaption for use in modules which include study of this sector as part of a broader exploration of media studies. There will also be an iterative component to the project, as student activities will include the development of materials – case studies, profiles, etc. – that can be integrated into future versions of the text.

School of English & Creative Arts

Authors and Partners

Dr. Andrew Ó Baoill

Dr. Andrew Ó Baoill

Lead Author
Lecturer, NUI Galway

Dr. Ó Baoill holds a PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he studied at the Institute for Communications Research. His work focuses on the political economy of the mass media, with a particular interest in the interplay of technological change, regulation and not-for-profit media. At NUI Galway, he teaches into the MA in Journalism, and contributes to modules in English and Media Studies, including the BA in English and Media Studies.

"OERs hold great potential to increase access and equity in education, making materials more widely available, and recognising information as a public good. I am excited to take part in this project, which will benefit not only our students, but all those interested in learning how media can be a tool for social change."


Students of MES4100 module

NUI Galway