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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Creatively exploring local cultural heritage in place: A playbook for schools and museums

This playbook explores the need for children to understand their world, and their place in it. Dedicated to helping primary school teachers, student teachers, and museum educators inspire children’s love of place and cultural heritage adventures through playful place-based learning opportunities, this Open Educational Resource (OER) will aid educators in preparing children to connect with their local, national and global heritage through powerful and meaningful activities.

The playbook aims to enhance children’s awareness of their surroundings, places they may take for granted, through scaffolded activities. It represents an opportunity to develop children’s sense of place, sense of belonging, wonder and engagement with their place. It augments the work within the Irish school curriculum, and also the work of local museums trying to engage children with local heritage.

School of Education

Authors and Partners

Dr. Sally McHugh

School of Education, NUI Galway

"We are delighted to facilitate children’s educational connection to place and heritage through powerful and meaningful playful activities."

Dr. Tony Hall

School of Education, NUI Galway


Fiona Concannon

CELT, NUI Galway