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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Ensuring equality of access to STEM outreach material through the creation of a bilingual open educational resource for genomics data science

Educational and outreach activities at second level are of critical importance in helping students to understand the wide and sometimes confusing variety of degree options and career paths available to them – this is particularly true for newer interdisciplinary fields of study which may not map well onto individual subject choices at leaving certificate level.

Genomics data science incorporates the study of genetics, statistics, and computing, providing a range of employment opportunities in biotech and pharma companies, as well as in academic research and in hospital settings, where it underpins the promise of precision medicine. NUIG is at the forefront of genomics data science nationally, as the lead institution within the recently-established Science Foundation Ireland Centre for Research Training (CRT) in Genomics Data Science, which comprises six HEIs and over 90 principal investigators.

This project seeks to develop an OER that: i) provides second level students with an understanding of genomics data science, and ii) increases access to educational materials for Irish-language students, who are typically drastically underserved in the provision of additional learning/outreach resources, particularly in STEM subjects.

School of Mathematics, Statistics & Applied Mathematics

Authors and Partners

Dr Pilib Ó Broin

Lead Author
Lecturer, School of Mathematics, Statistics & Applied Mathematics, NUI Galway

Lecturer in Bioinformatics/Biomedical Genomics within the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics, where I helped establish the MSc in Biomedical Genomics and MSc in Computational Genomics (now MSc in Genomics Data Science) for which I currently serve as Programme Director. 

"Open scholarship is a core principle in the lab - we're delighted our project proposal was successful and look forward to developing this OER which aims to increase diversity and inclusivity in NUI Galway's STEM outreach activities."


Barry Digby

PhD student CRT in Genomics Data Science, NUI Galway