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Virtual Reality and 360 Degree Video

Apps & Links

Blender: Free and open source 3D design software. 

Insta 360 Studio: Free 360 degree video editor download and tutorial.

Unity: Create 2D and VR games. Free for personal use.

Mettel: Free 360 degree footage to download and practice editing. Link to online basic 3D design software.

Training Resources

Intro to TinkerCAD: Create a personal account to start working your way through basic lessons. 

Create a VR App with Adobe Premiere Pro: Whether you want to create an app or do more advanced VR editing, this guide provides all the details you need to get your sequence settings right in Premiere Pro and get started editing.

Learn Unity game development in 2 hours: A 2.5 hour youtube video that takes you through everything you need to know to develop a VR game.