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Systematic Reviews: Text Mining

What is Text Mining?

Text mining is the process of discovering and extracting knowledge from unstructured data. This comprises three main activities:

    Information retrieval (IR) to gather relevant texts.
    Information extraction (IE) to identify and extract entities, facts and relationships between them.
    Data mining to find associations among the pieces of information extracted from many different texts

In short, text mining can help make the implicit information in your documents more explicit, saving you time and money.


Text Mining Tools & Technologies

Information Technologies for Systematic Reviews

 This webinar in the Evidence Synthesis Ireland webinar series examines some of the ways in which information technologies can make systematic reviewing more efficient and can also increase reliability in the process.

Presenter: James Thomas is Professor of Social Research & Policy at the EPPI-Centre, UCL in London and also leads the Systematic Reviews Facility for the Department of Health, England.

Text Mining Video Tutorials