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Business & Economics: Scopus


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Scopus is a multidisciplinary database and includes relevant to business and economics.


The following tutorials on using the Scopus Database can be found on the Scopus Help Site

  • Searching for Documents: This tutorial demonstrates you how to run a basic search for documents using key terms.
  • Creating Alerts and Using Scopus Settings: This tutorial demonstrates how to create and manage alerts so you can be notified of new documents available on Scopus.
  • Searching for Authors: This tutorial demonstrates how to find publications for a specific author and set up an alert to follow an author.
  • Reviewing Search Results: This tutorial demonstrates how to work with the many features available when viewing your search results, including how to refine the list to just the documents you need.
  • Registering and Logging In: This tutorial demonstrates how to log in to Scopus, using either a personal or institutional ID and password.
  • Browsing and Analyzing Journals: This tutorial demonstrates how to use the Scopus Journal Analyzer tool to compare publications on a variety of parameters.
  • Reviewing Documents: This tutorial demonstrates the detailed information available on a document page.
  • Searching for Cited References: This tutorial demonstrates how to view the references that appear in Scopus documents.