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Physics: Journals

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Goolge Scholar can be used to find specific scholarly articles.

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Academic journals are essentially academic magazines and are sometimes referred to as periodicals or serials.   Only articles which have been reviewed by other experts or peers (peer-reviewed) make it into academic journals, unlike articles published in popular magazines or newspapers.  Why use Journals:  Information is current and journal articles contain the latest research on new or emerging subject areas.

Copies of printed journals for Physics are located on the second floor of the Main Library.  However, the vast majority of our journals for Physics are available electronically via the Library catalogue.

Citation Tracking

Tracking down journal articles which are cited or referred to in papers which you have identified as being relevant to your research is a useful way of locating articles related to your research.  Once you have identified relevant papers in a search, many databases give you the option to link to or find ‘Citing Papers’, those that cite the paper you have found, which are also likely to be relevant.