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EndNote: Instant formatting

Instant formatting

CWYW Instant formatting


Instant formatting enables you to watch the reference list (bibliography) appear as you insert citations. If you are writing a long or complex document such as a thesis, some people prefer to turn instant formatting is turned off as it can be time-consuming to reformat each time a new citation is inserted. When finished writing the document or if you want to see a draft, click on Update Citations and Bibliography to format the citations and reference list. To continue work on the document, unformat the citations using the Convert Citations and Bibliography option.

It is essential to have unformatted citations when compiling a master document from separate documents, in order to create a single reference list at the end of the document.

To disable or enable Instant Formatting in the current document click the option in the Bibliography box on the Word Ribbon:



For more information on Instant Formatting, see this article from the EndNote Knowledge Base: