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Scopus Registration for Off-Campus Access: Instructions

Scopus Registration Instructions

Scopus Registration Instructions

Registering for Off-Campus Access to Scopus

Scopus have changed how users access their resources remotely (from off-campus). Below are the steps NUIG users need to take to gain this access.

Step 1:

Log in to the Library Webpage using the login at the top right of the corner

Step 2:

A: In the main search bar, search for Scopus

B: Click on the SCOPUS – V.4(Elsevier) link.




Step 3:

If you don’t already have a personal profile on Scopus you need to set one up by clicking on the Register link. If you already have one, proceed to Step 4.

Then fill in your details:

(Please note: You must register with your email address)

Once you have registered you should see the following screen.

Step 4:

Once you have registered, Library staff will register your access with SCOPUS. You can let us know that this need to be done by creating a ticket on the Service Desk Ticketing System (see below)

A: Log in to the Service Desk Ticketing System

B: Fill out the Help Request as follows:

Request Type: Library Services -> Journals/Databases/Resource Issues -> SCOPUS registration

Request Detail: (your email address)

Step 5:

You’ll then receive an email from Scopus giving you registration details to connect your account with off campus access. You’ll only need to use these registration details once.

Click the link to validate your account. You will see the following screen:


Step 6:

The next time you login to Scopus you’ll see a new screen asking you choose an Organization. Choose the second one (Shibboleth) and tick the box to remember the choice.

Your account is now set up for off campus access to Scopus.


Please Note:

To access Scopus from now on, follow Step 1 and Step 2 above as you would to access any of our databases.

On the Scopus homescreen, press the ‘login’ button at the top right of the screen, and enter your account details (your email and password you used to register on the site)


Should you have any issues with your Scopus Registration, please log a ticket with the ISS service desk.

Step 1: Log in here

Step 2: Choose

02.Library Services -> Journals/Databases/Resource Issues -> Scopus Registration