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Publishing your research: Promoting your research

How to increase the visibility & impact of your research

How to increase the visibility & impact of your research 06/2014  ESCP Europe

The authors of this guide recommend that you:

  • Submit your article to an institutional digital repository                                    
  • Submit your article to a digital subject repository                                            
  • Post your article on your web site                                                                
  • Provide links                                                                                             
  • Start a research blog                                                                                 
  • Contribute to a wiki in your research area                                                   
  • Register with Mendeley, CiteULike or Zotero                                                
  • Make your research output available                                                           
  • Build your research profile                                                                          
  • Use social media tools                                                                                
  • Network at conferences                                                                              
  • Monitor what works


Tutorial from Yale: Sharing your research


Enhancing Research Impact: Sharing Your Research


Sharing your research work is very important in enhancing your impact. This short video from Yale discusses the various ways to share and publicize different parts of the research work, such as manuscripts and data:

See also a series of videos on impact from Yale:

Tracking citations to your publications

Scopus and Web of Science both offer the facility to set up a citation tracking alert so that you are notified when a new record cites your paper.

See this short tutorial on how to create a citation alert on Web of Knowledge:



Google Scholar Citations also provides the option of setting up citation alerts. See:

Open Access Publishing

Open Access publishing is recognised as an effective way to increase accessibility and therefore visibility of your publications. 

The Library helps to maximise the exposure of NUI Galway research, by making the publications of NUI Galway academic staff and researchers openly available through the University's Institutional Repository - ARAN.






"Altmetrics is a way of finding out how many people are engaging with the research you publish online. It focuses on individual articles rather than whole journals or people and gives you a wider and more immediate picture of what's going on that citation counts and other bibliometrics"

From Leeds University Library


Social media and open access - expermiment by Melissa Terras

Professor Melissa Terras at the Department of Information Studies at UCL tested the impact of blogging and Twitter on publications uploaded to the institutional repository:

"What became clear to me very quickly was the correlation between talking about my research online and the spike in downloads of my papers from our institutional repository."

From The Impact of Social Media on the Dissemination of Research: Results of an Experiment

Can tweets predict citations?

Eysenbach, G. (2011). Can tweets predict citations? Metrics of social impact based on Twitter and correlation with traditional metrics of scientific impact. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 13(4), e123-e123.

Conclusions: Tweets can predict highly cited articles within the first 3 days of article publication. Social media activity either increases citations or reflects the underlying qualities of the article that also predict citations, but the true use of these metrics is to measure the distinct concept of social impact. Social impact measures based on tweets are proposed to complement traditional citation metrics. The proposed twimpact factor may be a useful and timely metric to measure uptake of research findings and to filter research findings resonating with the public in real time.

How to improve your research impact: 30+ tips

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