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Help Accessing Online Resources: Introduction

Make Sure to Sign-in

Be sure you are signed in to access all resources.

Library Catalogue

If you are a registered student or member of staff, it is possible to access all online information resources from off-campus. Simply follow the links from the Library Catalogue and login as directed.  It is essential to login otherwise the service provider will not recognise you as being from NUI Galway.

Google Scholar

If you are using a computer connected to the University network, Google Scholar recognizes your IP address, and sets NUI Galway as your default library preference.  If you are off-campus, you must set NUI Galway as your library preference:

  • On the Google Scholar search page, click on the Scholar Preferences link to open the Preferences page.
  • In the Library Links search box type NUI Galway and click on Find Library. 
  • Check the box next to NUI Galway. 
  • Scroll down the page and click the Save Preferences button. 

Download this handy .pdf guide on Off Campus Access & Google Scholar for assistance setting up Google Scholar to work with the Library's content for better results. 


  • you can set up to two additional library preferences, if you have access to other libraries. 
  • you can also set up a link to download citations to your preferred bibliographic management software, such as EndNote.     

Accessing Resources Directly

If you wish to access resources directly rather than through the Library Catalogue, then add the following in front of the URL of the resource you need:

For example, if you were linking to the journal Nature, whose URL is, type in the URL: ""

This will mean you'll be prompted to login to NUI Galway and so be recognised as an authorised NUI Galway user. You'll need to know your Campus Account Credentials to login. 

If you are experiencing difficulty logging in, please refer to the Campus Account Frequently Asked Questions.

Shibboleth sign-in

Quite a lot of our resources (but not all), offer an option to sign in directly on the database homepage rather than going via the Library catalogue link. While we’d always recommend bookmarking the link in the library catalogue, you might have the database bookmarked in your browser for speedier access.

So if you go directly to ScienceDirect as an example rather than via the catalogue – often there’ll be an option that says ‘shibboleth sign in’ or ‘sign in via your institution’. All you have to do is locate NUI Galway in the list, and the login button will bring you to our campus sign-in page, after which you’ll get access to the resource. It’s worth noting that some resources also ask you to make another account on the database to be able to use all the features such as automatic searching, etc.