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Business & Economics: Useful Websites

Use the following resources to research market size, market share, competitor information, market trends.



Eurostat is the statistical office of the EU providing statistics that enable comparisons between countries and regions. Search it to find the answers to questions such as:
Is society heading in the direction promised by politicians? Is unemployment up or down? Are there more CO2 emissions compared to ten years ago? How many women go to work? How is your country’s economy performing compared to other EU Member States?

It includes long and short term indicators; general economic background; employment; social cohesion; environment; external trade; imports and export of good; industry, commerce and services; industrial production; retail trade; and labour market data.

Irish Social Sciences Data Archive

ISSDA holds Irish and European datasets from surveys and official statistics. Available to NUIG by contacting ISSDA at email:


OECDiLibrary is the online library of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and includes its statistical database.


Passport provides demographic, socio-economic and other country statistics. It is a useful tool for economic analysis that facilitates graphing and comparative analysis You can use its interactive economic dashboard to monitor the macro-economic environment in real time or compare 66 indicators across 58 countries by month from 2001 to 2013

Other online tutorials available on the Passport’s HELP screen include:
Manipulating statistics, Creating Custom Data Sets / Changing Table Layouts, Adding and Removing Statistics, Exporting Statistics, Working with Analysis


World Development Indicators (WDI)

World Development Indicators (WDI) is the World Bank's annual compilation of data about development.

Market Research

Use the following resources to research market size, market share, competitor information, market trends.

NovoVerse - Undergraduate Research eJournal NUIG

The NovoVerse undergraduate research eJournal is a new business and information management undergraduate research resource. Our aim is to motivate undergraduate students, in a supporting but assiduous environment, to engage in the craft of innovative and empirically rigorous academic research writing which is subsequently published and disseminated to a wider public audience. The NovoVerse eJournal project is nuanced in terms of involving a trifecta of specific stakeholders in the publication process: undergraduates (Authors), postgraduates (Mentors) and academics (Stewards). This undergraduate eJournal will be underpinned by an action research element and consequently will provide a project template for increasing awareness of importance of undergraduate research communication and dissemination at a national level.


Use the following databases to find a range of information about Irish and international companies e.g. financial data, annual reports, brands, products, markets, trends, financial data and news stories.

It is also advisable to check other databases (e.g. Emerald Insight, Omnifile, Scopus, Web of Science) for articles about companies. To see a full list of databases for Business and Economics click on the link to More Databases