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Research Data Management: Research Data Working Group


Details of the membership and activities of the Research Data Working Group at NUI Galway are provided below.  

Research Data Working Group

The Research Data Working Group was convened in December 2016. It is chaired by John Cox, University Librarian.


Peter Corrigan (Head of Digital Publishing and Innovation, Library)

John Cox (University Librarian, chair)

Professor Mathieu d'Aquin (Acting Director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics)

Peter Feeney (Data Protection Officer)

Trish Finnan (Digital Publishing and Data Management Librarian, Library)

Dr. Aidan Kane (School of Business and Economics)

David Kelly (Digital Humanities Manager, Moore Institute)

Dr. Iain MacLaren (Director of Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching)

Sean O’Farrell (Director of Information Solutions and Services)

Aengus Parsons (Director of Research)

Dr. Srinivas Raghavendra (School of Business and Economics)

Dr. Elaine Toomey (School of Psychology)


  • Build a community through regular communications
  • Engage University Management Team with research data as a reputational asset
  • Understand and develop supports to meet funder requirements
  • Ensure compliance with data protection policies and regulations
  • Develop policy, advisory services, resources and infrastructure

Research Data Management Policy at NUI Galway

Forthcoming events

Events to date...

The Challenges of Research Data: an Open Forum, 25 October 2016

Open Research Data antd Critical Data Studies: the Building City Dashboards Project, presentation from Professor Rob Kitchin, author of The Data Revolution, 08 February 2018

Learning Analytics: understand learning and support the learner, 02 May 2018, presentation by Professor Mathieu D'Aquin, Actring Director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics

Open Forum on Supports for Research Data at NUI Galway, 26 October 2018

Open Science, Ireland and the Digital Repository of Ireland: where are we at and where are we going?, presentation by Dr. Natalie Harrower, Director of the Digital Repository of Ireland, 06 December 2018

"How open science creates better research"

"How open science creates better research" is a recent article by John Cox, University Librarian at NUI Galway and Dr. Elaine Toomey, School of Psychology, NUI Galway which explains why "Science can only progress by building on the research of others and open science aims to make this work accessible to all". Read more on RTÉ Brainstorm at