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Hotel Management: Databases

As a registered student of NUI Galway, you have access to a wide range of electronic resources.  

You need to sign in using your student ID and password to get full access.

The NUI Galway Library catalogue enables you to locate specific databases.  If you just want to do a quick search, the NUI Galway Library Catalogue also allows you to search through much of the subscription material available through Library databases.


To identify journal articles on a particular topic might find it useful to go to an individual database.  A number of the most relevant databases for Hotel Management studies are highlighted here.

Each database will have tutorials, often in video format, on how to get the most out of your use of the resource. 

Hotel Management and Business-specific scholarship
Interdisciplinary scholarship
Market research
Company information

Database searching tips

Databases Explained

A database is an organised collection or index of published data. Databases are a key resource for study or research. The Library provides access to hundreds of databases in order to make it possible for students and academics to find out what has been published on a topic.

• Some databases are multidisciplinary and index items across many subject areas.

• Some databases are subject specific and index materials from a specific subject or discipline.

• Some databases provide access to specific types of information.

Spotlight on EBSCOhost

Many of the Library’s subject-specific databases are on the EBSCOhost platform.  This is really handy because if you need to search the literature across multiple disciplines, you can do it all in the one search: Click on the Choose Databases hyperlink above the search box and you’ll see the other subject-specific databases that may be of relevance to your research:

For instance, Hospitality & Tourism Complete indexes the literature related to hospitality.  If you are researching a topic that overlaps with other disciplines such as psychology or environmental sustainability, you may find it useful to search the literature of these disciplines as well.  You can search any or all of these databases individually or concurrently by checking the radio buttons.  The little speech bubbles will give you a description of the content indexed.

Searching the magazine literature

There are also some general reference databases on this platform that might be useful.  The main ones for general magazines like Time, The Economist, and BusinessWeek are:

Search for other databases in the NUI Galway Library Catalogue

Search our Catalogue: