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Hotel Management: Academic Writing

Developing your academic skills is an integral part of third-level education.

The library provides a writing service for all students at Shannon College of Hotel Management. The librarian offers free, one-to-one tutorials to students to address any aspect of their academic writing. The service aims to help students to become confident and effective writers. By improving their writing skills, we hope that students will be equipped to achieve their full academic potential.

Guides on How to Cite & Reference in Harvard Style


Academic Integrity

Academic Writing

If you would like coaching in how to write in an academic style, the librarian offers a confidential one-to-one tutorial service to students to address any aspect of academic writing. 

You should bring a corrected written assignment to the tutorial, or a printed version of an assignment that is in progress. Come to the tutorials with lots of questions and a readiness to engage with the writing process.  All visits are confidential.

The Writing Service is not a proofreading or editing service. Rather, the librarian will teach you how to proofread and will work collaboratively with you to support you in your development as a writer by discussing any concerns you have about your writing and identifying aspects of your work that could be improved.

This service will not be suitable for you if your assignment is due in less than two hours. You will need sufficient time to review your assignment, not just make a few quick changes and print it.  Use of the academic writing service will not ensure a higher grade for your assignment as the service will assist you with structuring your writing and adhering to the formalities of academic writing rather than the knowledge you are demonstrating. 

One-to-one tutorials last for 50 minutes.  Students are required to book a tutorial in advance. This can be done by calling to the library, by email or by phone.
Tel.  061-712448

Academic Writing Service times:
  9am 10am 11am 12pm 2pm 3pm 4pm


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