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Digital Literacy: Tools and Technologies

Searching the Web

A web search engine is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. 

Some of the most popular search engines include: 

Mobile Technologies

Mobile Technology from MP3 players to smartphones and tablet computers are an integral part of the working environment and a knowledge to work across multiple technologies is a desirable digital literacy both for college life and for jobs. 


Managing email is an integral part of digital literacy in the working environment. Some of the tools that may be important in the area of digital literacy in email are:

- Managing Spam

- Email Security

- Including Images

- Using Filesharing

- Attaching files / images

- Email Etiquette

File Types

There are countless types of file formats and below is a list of the most common ones you may come across:

.jpg .png .gif Graphics / Images
.doc .docx Microsoft Word Document
.xls .xlsx Microsoft Excel Document
.ppt .pptx Microsoft PowerPoint Document 
.txt Text file
.pdf Portable document file
.html Web Page Code
.wav  Audio File
.mp3 Audio File
.avi Video Clip
.wmv Windows media video
.rm .mp4 .mpg Video Clip
,mov .qt Apple Quicktime video
.swf Adobe Flash video
.zip Compressed file