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Digital Literacy: Microsoft Excel



Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet application for storing, organizing and manipulating data and is made by Microsoft for Mac and Windows users.Uses for Microsoft Excel include analyzing data, managing record data, identifying trends, building charts and forms, and budgeting.  An online version of Excel is available and is useful when working on a group project as you can share and edit the same document. (To gain access to the online version you need to have a Microsoft account set up, you can use your NUIG student email address and password to login to access this feature).

In this section we will give you some useful guides for using Excel and links to some tutorials and guides available to help aid you in working on your Excel projects. 

Getting Started

If you have never before used Excel and don't know where to begin Microsoft Office offers a number of training videos to get you started: 

Start using Excel - Video 1 of 5:

The above video is the first of 5 available. Below are the links to the next 4 videos in the series: 

Save and print a workbook

Insert columns and rows

Add formulas and references

Advanced formulas and references

Excel - Tips & Tricks

Save as:

This feature allows you to decide on the file type you wish to save your document as. This is useful if you wish to submit your project as a PDF

  Click here to learn how to use this feature  

Create charts

Once you have compiled your data it is useful to visualise it so you can compare and contrast your figures. 

  Click here to learn how to use this feature  


One of the great things about Excel is you can create a formula that will automatically add, subtract, multiply, divide figures for you and much more.

  Click here to learn how to use this feature  

Headers and Footers

It's useful to add headers and footers on documents you will be presenting as a finished product so people know what is within the report they are reading and what page they are on. 

  Click here to learn how to use this feature  

Printing a worksheet

Printing an excel file can be tricky as you may realise when its printed the information has crossed over onto another page and its difficult to read. Excel have multiple options for printing because of these challenges. 

  Click here to learn how to use this feature