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Starting your research at the James Hardiman Library: Introduction

Starting your research - books on research proposals

If you are embarking on a new piece of research, or working on an ongoing project, the library can support you in ensuring that all the research related information resources you need (including online resources, journals, books etc) are available to you.

See a selective listing from our catalogue of Books on Research Proposal preparation available in the Library






The Grant Writer's Handbook's companion website, featuring regularly updated resources and helpful links, can be found at

Sourcing funding

The Research Office publishes details of current funding opportunities on its website. The Research Accounting Office can help and advise with matters such as obtaining funding, costing your research proposal etc.

The Graduate Studies Office and the Career Development Centre also advertise postgraduate funding opportunities from time to time.

Research Professional is a database for sourcing current international funding opportunities. To get the most from this resource including alerting features, you should register your details with Research Professional and login each time you use it. See tutorial and webinar links below.

Research Professional

Webinar Training
Once a month Research Professional run a 60 minute online training broadcast, aimed at introducing users to the basics of creating and configuring their personal accounts on Research Professional, as well as introducing them to the features of the platform. Sessions can be viewed from your own computer, and you will be able to ask questions via text chat. To register for a session, just follow the link (given below) for your desired date. Each session will run between 10.00am and 11.00am (GMT):


14th February 2017

14th March 2017

11th April 2017

9th May 2017

13th June 2017

11th July 2017



Suggesting books for the library

Some funds may be available for the purchasing of research support resources, such as books, new journal subscriptions and/or online resources for new and existing research units. 

To recommend new purchases for the Library, please use this link.


Training Calendar

‚ÄčThe Library offers regular training events. Check our list of events or use the calendar below:


How do I links

How Do I?

Quick answers to your most frequently asked questions. Find out how to find a book, access resources off campus or pay a fine.

Using our services from home

You can access all of the Library's resources from off-campus.

NB Scopus is the only database which has particular requirements for off campus access. See this link for how to access Scopus from off-campus:

Other library guides

A full range of library guides for researchers is being developed. Browse our library guides BY SUBJECT and - 

See list below and the Support for Researchers webpages for lots more useful resources and links.